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Rubearn Lee


Rubearn is a qualified Myotherapist (AAMT) and also a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner (CFTH)

and Rubearn has been embracing this journey since experiencing the healing powers of energy medicine, mindfulness and meditation on a personal level! 


Rubearn also has fifteen years of Pharmaceutical background, having worked as a Manager with one of the world's leading pharmaceutical company. Having that vast pharma experience, and now, the knowledge of energetic medicine and the experience helping people heal has enabled him to see and understand the broad (entire) spectrum of healthcare.

This understanding he believes, bridges the gap between comtemporary and alternative medicine.


“Healing is but an internal job (and it must happen within us). We can all create that ability, to Heal from any condition.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to assist us, to facillitate that" - Rubearn


Rubearn has helped and assisted many people (including his loved ones) to create that ability to experience healing and thus, achieving complete wellness within the Body and the Mind Complex.


Rubearn also has great interest in traditional meditation and undertakes the practice (of Vipassana) very seriously and wishes to share the merits of meditation with all. 

He is also currently undergoing a mindfulness and meditation teacher certification process under the guidance of Jack Konrfield and Tara Barch




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