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Benefits of Meditation



Peace of mind


Clarity of thoughts


Emotional stability


Physical wellbeing



The contemporary understanding on the benefits of meditation are very broad, and can often be found, as listed below.


Erase self-imposed limitations


Experience improved relationship


Expand confidence and motivation


Experience decrease level of anxieties


Experience greater spiritual connection


Experience immense level of inner peace


Experience freedom from physical suffering


Experience freedom from chronic depression


Experience deep profound silence within the mind


Experience significant reduction of your stress level


Experience freedom from mental (emotional) suffering


Experience freedom from worry, fear, grief and sadness


Experience freedom from anger, hatred, ill will, jealousy and animosity


Experience immediately, a change within your body, literally, physiologically


Experience immense level of inner happiness free from expectations, judgment or fear


Experience immediately the changes of brainwave (high beta - stress mode, to alpha, theta, delta - deep calm mode)


Begin to understand the true Law of Nature


Begin to skyrocket your mental capacities and abilities


Begin to free yourself from the grips of mental agitations


Begin to understand your ego and the volition of your mind


Begin to cultivate a wholesome mind filled only with wholesome thoughts and intentions


Begins to see through you own ignorance about reality within the framework of your own mind


Begin to learn to truly forgive and begin to experience the opening of the heart space filled with pure love


Begin to develop Loving Kindness, Peace, Harmony, Good Will, Unconditional Love and Pure Compassion







However, the true purpose of meditation is to strengthen the faculty of one's Awareness and Equanimity and thus allowing one to achieve a true purification of the mind!


This purification will then help free one's mind of all the impurities and defilements within, which is often, the root cause of one's mental agitations and sufferings.


It is important to note though, that these benefits can only be experienced when meditation is done correctly, with

Right Effort,

Right Awareness,

Right Concentration,

Right Thought,

Right Understanding,

whilst observing all platforms of moralities.


 Real wisdom is recognizing and accepting that every experience is impermanent

and with this 'insights', one will not be overwhelmed by all of life's vicissitudes!

When inner balance is being retained, one will naturally choose to act in ways that create happiness for one and for others!