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All Testimonials are un-edited and published here in its original form, "as it is" :



Written by Sally F


When you start your journey with Rubearn, you dive in deep! Get ready for profound change in your life – as long as you are willing, the changes will take place from the first session.

Rubearn teaches love and acceptance and living without fear. He teaches practical ways to achieve this.

After seeing Rubearn, my life has more serendipitous occurrences, my relationships with people are even better than before. I have more gratitude for the things in my life. I can also think clearer! Some days at work I feel like I have done a day’s work in two hours – this is big for me!

Rubearn genuinely cares for you as his patient and practices what he preaches. I cannot recommend Rubearn at The Mind Healing Place highly enough – for anyone wishing for big or small change in their life.

Sally F





Written by AnnMaree Sutton


Dear Rubearn, 

Thank you again for your generosity of time and healing yesterday.

The Meditation experience was quite extraordinary and very powerful. I feel I have gained some insight into light and dense emotions.

During the guided meditation I became aware of my body feeling like it was expanded upwards and outwards. It felt very cool and extremely light. The light and cool sensation has remained around my head and my shoulders.

Although I had a number of commitments afterwards I remained feeling centred and focused. Prior to my appointment I was very very stressed and very very tired. When I left I was calm and that calm has remained with me and my sleep overnight was the best quality sleep I have had for a long time. The oppressive feeling I described to you yesterday has lifted and I have woken still feeling calm despite having several more commitments again today.

I am looking forward to my meditation time this morning as I hope to continue to improve and expand more on my present state of body and mind. As i write this I am listening to the morning birds and i am really grateful!

I Look forward to what the day will bring.
Thank you again Rubearn.
Go Well and Kind Regards,
Annmaree Sutton

Written by Melissa 


Following my sessions with Rubearn I would like to share my story.
Being in my late forties, as a person who suffered moments of high anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed and periods of darkness, I welcomed the opportunity to improve my mental health. I believed my mothers family history was the "reason" for my personal journey... my battles with post natal depression in my 30s and the roller coaster of emotions in my 40s. I was to fight my own battles as a result of my genetic make up and family history. My sensitivities to the struggles of others in our world would sometimes overwhelm me with feelings of hopelessness, with my ability to cope greatly affected if family members or friends were facing tough times.
There has been a remarkable shift within my psychological health and mindset following my time spent with Rubearn Lee. I now enjoy an inner happiness and peace of mind like never before. I feel empowered to own and influence the debilitating emotions previously experienced, and I also now feel strong and able to have a supportive role in other people's lives.
If anyone was to ask me who has been the most powerful role model in my world - I would have to say that Rubearn Lee has had the most emotionally liberating impact on my life to date.

Thank you Rubearn.






Written by Simon Knowles 


My first consult with Rubearn left me feeling a little confused and resistant.
I felt change, I just couldn't pinpoint how, why or what.

I did know, I felt something move and I had to explore more.

I was given instructions form Rubearn to practice some of what I had learned at home

I knew the locked up stuff had moved and I felt somehow lighter and wanted more

The second session I was surprised to feel touched on a very deep level.
Bubbling to the surface were anger and fear to loss and low self esteem
It was like a freight train of emotions.
Post session I felt exhausted at the same time released and incredibly light.

I made it home then went to bed....just felt like I needed to consolidate and rest.

That was the start of my journey with Rubearn 

I am now years down the track and different to that person
I hold deeper respect and love for myself. I move with a confidence, clarity
holding connectedness and love to myself and others

Yes the journey of growth continues, observing self with a better view has helped immensely
I thank Rubearn from the heart for being an incredibly gifted facilitator of my change


Simon Knowles

Written by Dr Tracy Morrison
(sent via email)


My first visit to see Rubearn at the mind healing place was a bit of a last minute decision. I was coming up to an important race and my coach suggested to visit Rubearn for some assistance in mental race preparation. I was extremely nervous for the race, which was about 3 weeks away. I felt there was a lot of pressure on me to do well and a large part of me wanted the race to hurry up and be over with. I was sick of training and was very irritable with people around me. I had gotten myself into a negative state of mind where I believed I had it so much harder than everyone else because I had trained for months and months and was uncertain if my race day would be everything I wanted it to be. Racing means there is a danger you will finish the race and be disappointed/upset. I can honestly say I used to fear what people would say after my race more than the actual race itself. This was an awful state to be in because it quickly takes the enjoyment out of training and racing. I felt a huge weight on my shoulders at that time (early March) and I thought it was all tied up in the upcoming race.


My first session with Rubearn was nothing like I anticipated. I was not sure what I was expected but I certainly wasn’t expecting to discuss anything outside of racing. I was surprised when about halfway through the session I started getting very emotional and discussing feelings I didn’t even really know were there. Rubearn quickly made me realise the way I was feeling a burden about the race was actually a more widespread problem in my life. It’s unbelievable how much we as people who interact with other people every single day,can hold onto anger/resentment/hurt for months and years. I have never considered myself to be an angry or bitter person – most people would say I am bubbly and great to be around because I have lots of energy. However, when I started examining how I perceive/look at myself I realised I didn’t see myself as bubbly and energetic. I have always felt awkward when people pay me compliments on my successes because it has always felt a bit fake.


I have been seeing Rubearn regularly now for 6 months and we discuss racing sometimes but a lot of the time we are working on how I relate to myself and consequently how I relate to others.

I had 3 sessions with Rubearn before my big race in March and I progressed from not wanting to race and feeling so nervous to jumping out of bed on race day and being so excited and grateful I had the opportunity to challenge my physical and mental capabilities with the support of my family and friends. The interesting thing being Rubearn and I didn’t talk about the race that much at all – we talked about how I relate to myself. Once I was able to initiate a healthy respect and love for myself the outlook on the race completely changed. I loved racing that day and have loved racing every race since. I’ve stopped focusing on where I place and I know my family, friends and coach are proud of me regardless of where I placed.


Rubearn has taught me to meditate, which I do daily in the evening. I would never have thought meditating and quieting the mind could have such a profound impact on my physical and intellectual ability. My training for triathlon has improved, my productivity at work has increased and my connection to those around me has strengthened.


The last six months of sessions with Rubearn has been a positive investment of my time and has provided me with strategies for dealing with difficulties I may face in the future. The biggest change within me is not letting my emotions control my behavior or my perception of myself. I have spent my whole life trying to find a way to be completely comfortable in my capabilities and it is an extraordinary relief to finally feel settled in who I am.  


Dr Tracy Morrison




Susan Vendramini  

(sent via email)


An Immense Thank You 


Dear Rubearn,

Yes, l have taken my time to write this email. Once upon a time l would of felt ill, been highly strung and stressed at the thought of not getting it done. Today l am typing this with the knowledge, tools, sanity and an ordered mind that the task will be done in peace and harmony with the blessing of my mind and body. My oh so pain ridden stressed out condition of Trigeminal Neuralgia has ceased to exist. In its place is sanity, calm and most importantly a life without excruciating pain.

It is with a huge thank you to you for all the help and work you have given to me to be where l am now. What a gift? Faced with a depressing nerve pain in my face that is defined as one of the worst pains in any medical condition, my prognosis was bleak. A life of pill popping, being told l could be driven to reclusiveness and no cure was the news from the medical world. Everyone was more than happy to prescribe serious medication with the potential for serious side affects, and the news to increase the dose if it was not giving relief.

I do not dedicate much time to myself , but could not accept this bleak news as my future. To be truly honest, it was the unbearable pain that stopped me in my tracks and the not so effective terrible pills that made up my mind to seek your help. Maybe the pain was a blessing when l reflect, as it forced me to seek the changes l needed but have resisted to address. “The One Of These Days” scenario. I presented with a tonne of pain and the stress levels to match. How refreshing to be in a loving, calm and nurturing environment. From the very first visit l found the path to follow, a solution to my pain and with a bonus of no horrid pills to pop. Your treatment, knowledge, professionalism and experience provided me with the absolute miracle l was seeking. The relief coming from the first session was something l had never experienced before. I do have to say that l was totally prepared to come into your practice open minded from day one and be prepared to put in the hard work . With my mind resolved to the experience l felt lots of heat and light emitting from me the more we got into the session. An energy was surrounding me and the experience was almost outer body like. The shift was from pain and stress to a relief and lightness. As the heat and light were coming away from me a feeling of order, lightness and any panic l felt was gone. As the body removed the stress and panic, so the pain subsided and vanished within a couple of treatments.

Your insistence to meditate each night and my dedication to this practice has definitely reinforced the treatment you have given. A simple thank you is very trifle to the wonderful gift. Yes, l have been pain free, and that alone has been an absolute miracle and blessing, but my deep seated stresses and baggage that l have hauled through life have been replaced with the tools, confidence and calm to cure all obstacles, not just medical pain.

My absolute gratitude for the fantastic results that are from your relentless work, passion and dedication to your craft and absolute belief in your practice. I too, now believe, and yes l am still meditating. I continue to recommend your practice to all, as everyone can benefit from this experience. You do not need to be in physical chronic pain. Now that my pain has gone l continue to reap the benefits of meditation and inner peace within my life, work and love.


I am in awe, impressed and indebted.


Kindest Regards,

Susan Vendramini


P.S. It is now many, many months since treatment and l am still pain free, ordered and while stress is around it is not consuming me as it once did. Sorry for the time it has taken to thank you, but the meditating has come before anything else each night. I now do stop, and oh how blissful it is!! Namastae - Susan Vendramini

Lauren P 



I suffered from mental illness for over ten years. A few years ago I left Australia and travelled the world with the intention of healing. Throughout my travels I encountered an array of healing techniques from the main-stream to the esoteric and everything in between. I was searching for the key to my freedom. Alas, after four years I returned to Melbourne with great stories and experiences but still I suffered internally. For months I knew I needed to seek help, but I was plagued by fear that nothing could help me.  After some chance encounters with Rubearn who happens to work a mere 5 minutes from my place, I realised that there was never going to be a perfect time to delve into the hardest work one can do as a human being, and so, I stepped up to the challenge and the journey begun.


Rubearn is the most remarkable human being I have met. It’s almost impossible to articulate the profound understanding, connection and healing that takes place during a session. The way that he is able to extrapolate entrenched negative core beliefs and pain in a non-intrusive, incredible safe and nurturing way is truly remarkable. Rubearn works from a place of unconditional love, you can sense his passion for healing comes from a very pure place. I have seen Rubearn four times and I am humbled, and infinitely grateful for the shifts that have already taken place. Each time I meet with Rubearn I experience huge release of emotional pain and I leave feeling elated and grateful to have this deeper understanding of my inner-workings. Obsessive behaviours and thought patterns that plagued me for the last decade are dissolving and I feel alive and in control. This is the most important work we as human beings can do. There is true courage in facing our darkness with the priceless reward of freedom.  


Lauren P


Melissa Whitehead



The welcoming environment of the Mind Healing Place instantly comforts one as they enter this practice. The ambience of a warm sitting room complete with complimentary herbal teas is a lovely touch. Conveniently located with a very private entrance, the practice provides ample local parking and offers historical precinct local shopping area.


Following several sessions with Mr Rubearn Lee, I delight in providing an account of the tremendous benefits I personally have experienced following my treatment. I cannot help but feel Mr Lee possesses a 'gift'.... a gift he so humbly desires to share and improve the lives of anyone who seeks to relieve their symptoms of suffering.

With absolute zero judgement and complete confidentiality, I felt incredibly safe and comfortable receiving care from Mr Lee whose professional ethics are of a standard unsurpassed. 


My experience following a course of treatment with Rubearn has enabled a marked shift to occur - I have fundamentally changed as a person as I now totally accept myself for who I am. I now enjoy mental clarity, peace of mind and an inner calm. Such positive personal changes have had a great influence with my family and work relationships as I now enjoy a much more fulfilling and enriched life. My previous symptoms associated with anxiety and depression have been absent for a long time. Greatly improved family relationships has been the best outcome for me. The various pressures, challenges and chaos of my adolescent family complete with a complicated, busy and sometimes challenging husband was often overwhelming for me to manage. I am now finding that I am confident to face every day with increased confidence, enthusiasm and optimism. I find myself now experiencing pleasure and happiness more so than previous feelings of frustration and grief with family life. A more contented self has lead to a more harmonious family life. Respectful family relationships that support tolerance, acceptance, kindness and love are now being enjoyed by all family members.


Interestingly, the pressures and expectations of my employment are mere factors that I now take in my stride as I free myself from the "fear" associated with my performance. I approach my employment with increased enjoyment and confidence that has improved my own engagement with the organisation I work within. It was rewarding to be thanked and acknowledged for my valued contribution at work during a recent employment review, and achieve desired learning outcomes with a minimum of stress.


For those reading this testimonial, I would like to offer my story. Fundamental change can only truly happen when a person is willing and desires to make that change. If you desire to improve the quality of your life and free your mental or perhaps physical sufferings, then Rubearn will definitely be able to facilitate this for you. Rubearn will offer you the dedicated support, care and guidance required for your journey. For me, the absence of feelings associated with anxiety and depression has been wonderful as I continue to follow the mindful practices gained from my time spent with Rubearn.

Thank you Rubearn for your wonderful work, compassion, and your continued learning and sharing.  


Melissa Whitehead

Matthew Hopgood  



To whom it may concern.


I have had the privilege of seeing Rubearn Lee on approx ten occasions.

Rubearn's skills and methods, ability to wholly and completely assess his patient's needs and his dedication to his patient rendered my time with him the most effective and useful that I have ever spent with any practitioner of any doctrine.


An analogy I used from the first time I saw Rubearn was "One session with Rubearn is as effective as a dozen with my psychologist".


I came to Rubearn having been through a marriage breakup three years previously and not being able to deal with multiple issues associated with breaking up a family. Added to this, I was having substantial relationship difficulties with the lady I left my marriage for. The above admission indicates that I was suffering through multiple serious psychological and personal challenges which I had been unable to understand or deal with. The support I had sought to the point where I decided to seek Rubearn's treatment methods had been all but ineffectual. This included being medicated for depression. The extent to which Rubearn was able to assist was utterly amazing ! Amongst other emotional and psychological challenges I was suffering and stumbling through, bouts of uncontrollable anger and frustration were becoming regular and alarming.


I remember on the day Rubearn informed me that he would "apply his most powerful methods" to deal with my anger and frustration levels, I felt a pain on a meridian point on the top of my head and my body shook in an almost out of body experience. From that moment, the anger left me and I was able with the assistance of meditation to utterly quell and manage my frustration levels and therefore my life. It was the most wonderful and powerful treatment experience I have ever had from any treatment method. As a result, all components of my life and psychological and spiritual wellbeing improved quite breathtakingly. A friend who is also a patient of Rubearn believes he has an almost magical gift and I would concur!


I would go further - throughout my life, I have met many many eminent and successful people - heads of government, people of eminence in the business world, arts, movie stars, academia, etc, etc. I have met the Queen of England and multiple royals from many royal families. (I am an International Customer Service Manager with Qantas Airways, whose onboard responsibility it is to meet and greet such people). The only person I have ever met who I believed, had an "aura" to this point is Lee Cunxin - Mao's Last Dancer. Rubearn Lee is the only other person I have ever met who I believe has a similar aura.


Thankyou, Mr Rubearn Lee, you have changed my life.


Matthew Hopgood.



N M  



“Dear Rubearn,


I have for a long time thought that my abdomen was ugly and felt self conscious about my appearance because of it. Since the healing sessions, I am feeling less preoccupied with this thought. The therapy has helped release that negative emotion that I have been holding on all these while. I felt refreshed with a lot of positive energy now.


Thank you so much, Rubearn.

Words simply cannot express my thanks and gratitude to you”!


N M 





Contents are being updated, more coming soon!